6. Public Services System

Arrangement of public services system of the city will play a leading part of implementation of efficient social and economic policy of the capital. For past years temporary suspension in dynamic development of servicing area of Kyiv was conditioned by essential economic recession of 2008-2009 and slack speed of recovery.

The key issue is lack of availability of social area objects, namely: preschool childcare centers, schools, sports sites and playgrounds, culture and leisure sites, municipal hospitals and polyclinics in newly-built clusters of Livoberezhzhya and distant minor neighborhoods of Svyatoshynskyi,

Obolonskyi, Solomyanskyi, Golosiivskyi districts.

In order to improve public services system complex measures are taken in education, healthcare, individuals social protection systems, as well as in culture and sports areas, commerce and everyday services spheres. Development of public utilities infrastructure is planned.

Need of public servicing objects development is determined considering demographic forecasting of permanent population – 3.14 mln inhabit ants and actual population – 3.7 mln inhabitants by 2026.

The calculation was made according to National Construction Regulation 360-92** («Town-planning. Arrangement and construction of urban and rural settlements»).

Primary directions of public servicing system development are the following:

  • provision of education and pre-school care level as socially guaranteed to people;
  • improvement of education and care quality;
  • development of medical day care network with stabilizing the hospitals capacity and number;
  • provision of affordable qualitative medical support to every Kyiv citizen, introduction of new efficient finance and management facilities in healthcare, setting conditions for healthy lifestyle formation and increase of life duration of Kyiv inhabitants;
  • development of institutions of healthcare, social protection (foster homes, retirement communities, communities for people with special needs), provision of availability of all the types of modern medical care to city’s population;
  • increase of capacity and number of sport and health and fitness units;
  • construction of open multifunctional grounds with exercise equipment, synthetic coating for competitive sports in every Kyiv’s minor neighborhood, construction of multipurpose sports complex units in every district of the town;
  • upgrading and construction of cinemas, theaters, art centers, circus, libraries and other places of culture;
  • building of trade, food-service and consumer service facilities in one-step access area in residential districts and minor neighborhoods;
  • development of housing and utilities infrastructure, increase of hotel capacity, fire-trucks depots, number of public conveniences, health institutions of different ownership types.
  • New schools, medical facilities, centers of culture, hotels