8. Landscaped and Recreational Territories

The strategic direction of the city’s landscaped and recreational territories is necessity to preserve unique natural landscape complex of the city, its recreational territories and objects of nature-reserved fund, necessity to increase availability of landscaped territories of public use for people by means of creation of new parks, squares, boulevards, improvement of recreational potential of already existing nature territories of natural landscapes, their arrangement and due care to the planting.

The objective of development of recreational sphere is to gain the European quality level for local recreational resources and services, setting foot on the international market of recreational services at Kyiv, ramp up revenue of business entities and local budget from tour and resort activities.

The territory area within the city’s borders, coated with planting of all the types (including cottage buildings) amounts to 49133.52 hectares, or 58.80% of the city’s area. Kyiv has 122 parks totally, including specific ones, 379 squares, 80 boulevards, playing two essential parts in the city – ecological and recreational.

About half of Kyiv parks refer to sites of nature-reserves funs and along with recreational they also perform environment-oriented function. Total area of parks having environment-friendly status is 2670.57 hectares, where 12 sites have national importance and 14 – local importance.

Landscaped territories of restricted use occupy 11638.6 hectares. Such territories contain the following: landscaped school territories – 1093 ha, pre-school child care – 865.4 ha, high schools – 1242.5 ha, medical treatment facilities – 284.6 ha, housing clusters – 5411.4 ha, etc. Area of landscaped territories of sanitary protection zones is about 106.8 ha. Kyiv has 28 cemeteries of total area of 533.2 ha, where the major part has a status of closed and half-closed. Planting level of cemeteries is about 80%.

The city’s complex green zone also includes forests of suburban zone with total area of 282597.6 ha, where more than 50% are for recreational and health purposes.

The following directions and measures in landscaped and recreational territories development are planned:

General organizational and managerial:

state supervision over conservation and restoration of planting, meeting laws on nature protection;

  • modification of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and Code of Ukraine on administrative offences regarding determination of responsibility for illegal seizure of and construction on landscaped territories of public use, territories of coastal protection belts;
  • development of new Program of complex green zone of Kyiv, and standards of urban planting, consideration of line extension of plants used for landscaping;
  • development of the Program of recovery of the Lybid’ river and small rivers of Kyiv with arrangement of recreational zones, boulevards-esplanades;
  • provision of resemblance of artificial landscape pieces to natural planting ensembles, that will ensure respective stability and long living for them;
  • increase of more than 60% total planted area of the city and its natural landscaped complex;
  • provision of conservation mode within borders of coastal protection belts, official freezing of alleviation and backfilling of water areas of the Dnipro, minor rivers and basins;
  • surface marking for urban forests, woodland parks, hydro parks and parks;
  • determination of territories as resort areas in compliance with applicable laws – resorts or resort zones Pushcha-Vodytsia and Koncha-Zaspa;
  • proclaiming the city’s recreational zones and suburban areas places of public use of special protection;
  • territory specification of nature-reserved sites set frontiers, their protection zones and exploitation modes of those territories;
  • facilitating development of additional planting types (roof, vertical, container planting), especially in densely built-in central part of the city, along with squares.

    Landscaped and recreational territories


    Landscaped territories of public use:

    meeting the demand of parks at the expense of partial transformation of industrial territories into the landscaped for post-2025 period, addition by means of such territories will gain about 2.4 ths ha;

  • total area of park territories will increase from 4.8 ths ha to 5.5. ths ha, sports parks area – from 0.16 to 0.31 ths ha;
  • development of culture, leisure and refreshment parks, creation of a range of new district refreshment parks; creation of new theme parks and small refreshment parks, specialized playgrounds and sporting parks, as well as arrangement of zones for children and sports in already existing parks;
  • reconstruction and arrangement of basins and channels of the city, purification of water basins and riverbeds, construction of storm collectors, arrangement of boulevards-esplanades and a range of plants protecting from water;
  • creation and arrangement of beaches as a complex with territories of parks and hydro parks. The total beaches area will grow from 125.02 ha to 188.28 ha of parks.
  • total area of landscaped territories of public use will grow to 7800.91 ha, and availability for people – to 23.41 sq. m/a person (for long-term period).

    Planting of different functional purpose:implementation of inventory accounting and reconstruction of street plants of inappropriate sanitary condition, with creation of biologically durable and efficient sound-proof green planting in the area of 150 hectares;

  • creation of efficient sound-proof plating alongside the railway (25-30 m wide) in order to reduce the noise impact on the housing territory, as well as formation of an ecological corridor within the city;
  • reconstruction of avenues boulevards shaping;
  • inventory accounting and arrangement of planting of limited use pursuant to applicable regulations.

    Green belts:

    transfer of portion green belts into buffer parks in the areas of active recreational use nearby residential clusters of 1.7 ths ha. Total area of green belts and recreational forests (without buffer parks) will be 32.6 ths ha.

    Nature-reserved sites:extension of national natural park Golosiivskyi (within the 2001 project framework)of total area of about 11066.0 hectares. The first stage of NNP was made pursuant to Order of the President of Ukraine) (No. 794/2007 dated 27.08.07) and gains 4525.52 ha;

  • adjustment of the project of regional landscape park Dniprovskyi Islands creation with embodiment of Trukhaniv island;
  • demarcation of borders for sites of nature-reserved fund and their protection zones;
  • creations of 25 nature-reserved sites on preserved territories of total area in 3177.11 ha.

    New parks and squares

    Tourism and sanitary-resort activity

    Kyiv as a historical city is the tourist area – point of departure, destination and transit of international, national and local tour and excursion routes. Relative density of various active tourism types (travelling and expedition, including hiking) and excursions in Kyiv territory are conditional upon specific tour resources and interests of various contingents of tourists. Predominant themes for foreign tourists are historic-architectural and cultural. Leisure component of tour activity has been growing actively lately – holding international festivals, international competitions of different sport kinds, etc.

    Development of resort and recreation territories.Preservation and recovery of the resort sphere are lined with necessity to provide resort treatment facilities and resort and recreation territories in general for perspective layer of people. Kyiv witnesses fi nalization of formation of four integrative multifunctional recreation zones that are naturally accomplished by autonomous zones of public refreshment and tourism. Their scheduled borders and specific features are being stipulated in the course of finding solutions to issues of coordinated functioning and development of unified network of recreational and nature-reserved territories of the city.

    Recreation zonesrequiring preservation of their status of special protected territories, comprise the following scheduled clusters:

    1. Darnytska .
    2. Koncha-Zaspivska.
    3. Pushcha-Vodytska (major part of the zone).
    4. Central.

      In prospects the following measures are expedient:additional steps to increase the content of excursion sites;

    5. increase of capacity of already existing and arrangement of new excursion sites;
    6. continuing formation of new focuses (zones) of excursion type out of historic part of the city;
    7. building of 42 additional hotels with average one-time capacity of 200 persons each and 8400 persons – total;
    8. scheduled preservation and regulation of 21 tour areas out of four recreation zones within the city.

      Draft of the park on Dniprovskyi islands


      Tourist route